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 We are Suppliers/Exporters & leading Producer of Premium Gelatine meeting the global quality standards having APPROVED WHO  GMP,HALAL,KOSHER CERTIFIED dedicated QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which is being frequently audited internally as well as externally, successfully applied sophisticated technology with strictly controlled process parameters & with rigorous physical, chemical & microbiological analysis of all inputs & environment & to ensure quality at each & every stage of its manufacturing process so that our Gelatine product meet globally accepted quality standards with complete safety and is commercially worthy of a broad spectrum of usages in the dynamic domestic as well as international market.


Manufacturer/Distributor/Exporter of Gelatine For Confectionary, Micro-encapsulation, Pet Food, Medical Applications, Meat Industry, Body Care Food Supplements, Hard And Soft Capsules, Clarification Of Drinks, Dairy And Ice Creams, Production Of Candies,Confectionary, Body Care Food Supplements, Body Care Food Supplements, Pet Food, Food Supplement For Joints And Bones, Medical Applications


(Hard Shell & Soft Shell capsules, Tablets coatings)

Gelatine is virtually indispensable in the Medical & Pharmaceutical field & is specifically processed for extensive application in Hard Shell / Soft Shell / opaque Shell / micro capsules, tablets & other coating applications. Gelatin is used as a binder in tablet formulations and as a coating to ease swallowing or mask unpleasant tastes.


Being odorless, tasteless & easily digestible with low calories content of Our Gelatine, it can be mixed with any food stuff viz ice cream, fruit jams, sauces, jellies etc. In the beer, juice and wine industries, gelatin is used as a clarifying agent

With its natural versatility, gelatin has numerous and varied uses in the processing of many food products. In confection, it is a key ingredient in products such as marshmallows, gummy candy and fruit snacks. The dairy industry makes extensive use of gelatin in the manufacture of sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, cheese and specialty desserts, while meat processors depend on the properties of gelatin in the production of head cheese, pates, and luncheon meats. Gelatin is an ingredient that is high in protein, fat free, cholesterol free and low in calories. This makes it invaluable in the processing of many other food products.


 (i) The ability of absorbing cloud causing ingredients makes Gelatine a good clarifying agent; therefore OUR Gelatine is extensively used in Metal Electrolysis Industries.

(ii) As OUR Gelatine strengthens nails & promotes hair growth; it is also used in Cosmetic industries. Cosmetics companies are also important users. Its properties are particularly well suited

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